Energetic and Adventurous Salt Flats Engagement

Sarah + Ben Styled Engagement

Death Valley, California

“I’m sorry, we can’t stay serious” UM I’m glad you didn’t!

This was one of the most fun shoots ever! We were running around the salt flats with a huge area all to ourselves. After a long drive, we couldn’t wait to see the huge white landscape and get out there! The clouds were rolling over the snowy mountains in the back, and the weather was perfect for the occasion. We walked a mile onto the flats and hung out, listened to music, and laughed A TON before making our way to a much-deserved burger and Corona dinner.

We only got lost for a hot minute before returning to our *humble* (to say the least) motel. That was another adventure for the books; but honestly, we couldn’t help but belly laugh so hard we almost started crying.

P.S. Sorry Ben that we tortured you by screaming pop punk 2000s throwbacks the entire time.