I'm all about the fun, the adventure, and the love.

Wedding and elopements have an overwhelming sense of joy with everyone present. It's those small moments that mean the most. Grandma crying tears of joy in the back, you and your girls laughing about something that happened 15 years ago as you put on your dress, and most of all, that moment when you see each other for the first time. You want to leave with photos that will send your senses back to the exact moment it was taken.


you’re not afraid to be silly and have fun

you like mostly candid-style and natural-light photos, with just a few of the classic poses

you love being outside and have an adventurous spirit

you prefer to get rid of the stresses and go-with-the-flow

you’re crazy in love with each other

you value preserving your memories

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A snapshot…

You can expect me to not only create beautiful images that will capture all of the excitement of your wedding, but I will also help the stresses of the day run smoothy. I'll fix messy hair, provide tissues for the moms, and join the celebration (you better believe I’ll be dancing with you).

Annnnnnd, I promise I’m a great third wheel.


“Bree, what makes you so different?”

Funny you should ask…



I ain’t about hiding things


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