Hey! I'm Bree Hulan, a born and raised San Diegan photographing adventurers and people down for a freaking awesome time.

I’ve got a country and wanderlust spirit, and I’m not afraid to get a little dust on my jeans. Traveling and photographing people out in nature is my jam. I am especially in love with the ocean, warm light, the mountains, and running around in meadows with my shoes off. Also, hammocking and burritos, duh.

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I love…

experiences over materials

all people and cultures

romantic moments


pure joy

enjoying the twists and turns

embracing silliness

calling out the beauty in others as God sees them

real connections and relationships


What I do:

My purpose is to stay true to the world and people I photograph. I want the real YOU and your relationships to shine. I want to facilitate and capture the incredible outpouring of joy that happens when you’re just being you with the ones you love!

Those candid, fun, running/dancing, laughter-filled moments. Don’t worry, I’ll give ya some posing guidance too!


Because this matters.

You are choosing to invest in yourself and your family, because photography is one of the most important things you can do.

My whole life, my mom hung my grandma's baby pictures, my great-grandma's wedding photos, and her dad's Army portrait in our hallway. These little pieces of paper in a frame mean a lot to us, and they stand the test of time when almost nothing else does. It’s truly an investment to your memory.

 Although photographs showcase great memories, there's so much more to it. Yes, you will get beautiful photos, but, it's supposed to be a fun and individualized experience, too. Let's find something totally "you," whether that's climbing a mountain where you went on your first date, wearing weird outfits, or dipping in the ocean because your favorite thing in life is being on the water.

Let's make this about you, so you’ll excited about it forever!

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