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Why does it matter?

First off, my goal is focus on the beauty in who you are and the emotion captured in every frame. I want YOU to be the sole focus of your shoot. Some outfits look great in person but can be very distracting in a photo.

It’s also super important to consider the location and mood as you choose outfits, because that will create the overall look we’re going for!

I promise that if you follow these guidelines, your photos will turn out so much better, because they will be intentional and draw attention to YOU.

Tip #1: Comfy

My goal is to make you feel like you’re on a date. My shooting style is to give you little posing guides that will make you laugh, have fun, sit on the ground, twirl, and make out just a little bit. You’re gonna get comfortable, cuddly, and silly!

It’s all about being comfortable and focusing on movement. If I tell you to kiss, keep kissing, if I tell you to hug, rub each others arms as if it were freezing outside. Pretty much, we’re not gonna stop moving!

Consider this when you are deciding what shoes to wear. If we’re at the beach, why not just go barefoot! I’ve found that booties, sandals, and nice sneakers work 99% of the time in most locations.

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bring Options

Feel free to bring a handful of options so we have an visual of your outfits with the colors / patterns of the shoot location.

We will most likely be changing 2-3 different times, so I recommend bringing 5 pairs of shirts, 3 different pants/bottoms, 2-3 different dresses, and a few pairs of shoes. Please remember that depending on location, the best place to change might be a public restroom or the back of your car!

Tip #2: Personalize it!

Above everything else, I want you two to represent your own style and personality in your outfits and photos. You have creative freedom with your outfits, so do not let this guide hinder you from being who you are!

I’m always up for fun accessories, whether you have spunky sunglasses, old timey hats, band t-shirts, or anything! Just make it YOU, and make sure you can move!

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This one is SO important. Remember, the goal is to keep our outfits from distracting from YOU.

With that said, I ALWAYS recommend keeping the colors neutral. Now before you both show up wearing grey shirts and blue jeans, let me tell you that there are actually neutrals in every color.

For example, Instead of wearing an ultraviolet purple t-shirt, wear a Taupe or Mauve sweater that does not distract but still adds a slight colorful aspect. And instead of wearing lime green, wear a forest green that doesn’t distract from the beauty in your face. And also make sure that you wear colors that compliment your skin color.

In short, pick NATURAL colors you see in nature that complement each other.

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Patterns can make or break a photo!

There are good and bad patterns. Pretty much, just keep them from distracting. Simple strips or floral patterns can look awesome! But just make sure that your patterns are not too busy. Stay away from graphic tees, unless that’s 100% your thing!

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So here is the deal on props: they can be done very well… or very poorly. We have all seen those photos of the picture frame that is framing a families face in a photo… It just looks bad (in my opinion).

So let’s make it better. I would love it if you wanted to incorporate some sort of prop that is meaningful to you and your relationship. Let’s brainstorm together on how to make it work!

Bring a favorite blanket to sit on, otherwise I have three different Mexican blankets we can use.

the mood

Be prepared to have plenty of fun and to create some incredible memories. I always bring a speaker to play music (send me your fave playlist!).

If you need a quick shot of espresso or maybe even tequila in order to get silly and spunky, then please do so! I want you to be comfortable and relaxed!

I’m always up for trying new things and exploring. My mind is always wandering and looking for different shooting opportunities. If I make a suggestion to jump in the ocean together or climb up a rock, it is because I see an opportunity to create a beautiful moment between you two. Let’s have a blast together!

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Lastly, check out this Pinterest inspiration board for more outfit ideas that will look amazing!!!

Feel free to text me with questions: (858) 449-2911

I can’t wait for our photo shoot date!

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