Classic California Wilderness

subject to seasons and rain


canyonside community park

Huge sycamores, white fences, cacti, wildflowers (seasonal), and gorgeous brush. One of my favorite locations!

  • parking easy (except late Nov-Dec)

  • can get crowded during holidays, but big enough to pick new spots

  • can stay on trail or go off

Feature 2

Donec ac fringilla turpis. Phasellus sodales massa malesuada tellus fringilla, nec bibendum tellus blandit.

Iron Mountain

Hiking trail featuring a tree tunnel, tall grass, and a view (hike all the way or just stay at the bottom)!

  • parking in a free lot (usually available except for new years resolution time)

  • easy

Glider Port

Overlooking Blacks Beach, near UCSD

See the gliders take flight at the blacks beach overlook and take the trail down to the sand, or just stay on the cliffs! I’ve never taken pictures there, but have been there before.

  • usually decent parking

  • Note: nude beach

Santa Margarita Trail

This trail in Fallbrook has everything: a river, trees, rocks, and wildlife.

Mission Trails

This place is huge, so it kind of depends what you want. Mini lakes, tall grasses, open fields and lots of hidden areas.

Marian Bear

Tree-filled canyon and mesa trails near University City. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s beautiful!

Daley Ranch

A barn, an overlook, trees, and tall grass. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s beautiful!


Fallbrook preserve touts wildflowers, trees, tall grass, rusty wagons, wildlife, and real water (seasonal). I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s beautiful!