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About the Session

Whether you’re dating, about to propose, or just engaged, now is an incredible time to capture the memories and different stages of your relationship. It’s your chance to capture a tiny biography of you. I’m all about embracing adventure, finding your “good side,” and illustrating the love you share. I want to get to know you, run around, be silly, and help you feel comfortable, all while in a beautiful place that makes you dream about your future with “your person”. This is all about you two. I am just along for the ride and get to facilitate the act of expressing your love and happiness.

My sessions are laid back with lots of laughter, and the result is warm, happy photos that will take you back right to the moment it was captured. You also will end up with a new friend in the end (that’s me!).

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Where You’re At

If this is you, Then I bet we would be friends:

  • you’re not afraid to be silly and have fun

  • you like mostly candid-style and natural-light photos, with just a few of the classic poses

  • you love being outside and have an adventurous spirit

  • you prefer to get rid of the stresses and go-with-the-flow

  • you’re crazy in love with each other

  • you value preserving your memories



I live in San Diego. If you love this city as much as I do and want to pick an incredible place that describes “home” to you in the area, let’s do it! I have a list of some of the best spots I’ve found in the area if you need help deciding! If you have a place in mind I haven’t thought of or if you’re from somewhere else, I’d love to explore with you!

If you’re wanting to step outside your comfort zone to an incredible adventure spot outside San Diego, I would LOVE to be your travel buddy. Check out my page here to see more (hint: travel is encouraged and fees could be waived).

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What else?

It is recommended that you book an engagement session at 3-4 months out so you can have plenty of time to make Save the Dates, purchase guest books, and engagement books, should you choose to.

Early morning and the last hour before sunset (golden hour!) are the best times for that gorgeous warm sunlight that make beautiful humans like you look even more stunning. Ideally, we will shoot at one of these times!

Engagement sessions are included in the Deluxe, Luxury, and Unparalleled wedding packages.

Let’s chat on availability!

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Included In All Packages

  • Unlimited number of locations and outfit changes!

  • You'll get a sneak peek with all the photos, and you'll get to pick your favorites.

  • Unique digital gallery to house your photos. You can easily share the link to family and friends!

  • Full resolution images and personal use access (printing and social media).

  • Outdoor session (we can make it as creative as you want!).

  • Guaranteed delivery in less than 2 weeks

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Classic Package


60 min session, 10 images

Deluxe Package


60 min session, 20 images, 5 images of your choice retouched

Unparalleled Collection


90 min session, 30 images, 5 images of your choice retouched, high-quality glossy prints: two 8x10", two 5x7", three 4x6", four wallet-sizes

Proposal Package

Proposals largely depend on what we’re doing! I’ve climbed mountains before the sun, hidden behind trees, and brought decoy hiker friends all for incredible proposals. I’m sure no idea is too crazy for me! Let’s collaborate on how we can make this magic happen! Prices start at $200.


Ready to jump in?

(we can grab coffee, In-N-Out, or ice cream after 😆)

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