Summer Session in the German Alps

Up in the Bavarian Alps, there’s a little 50s-style cable car that takes you to the top of a mountain, overlooking valleys and the rest of the German Alps (oh, and a casual castle down below). Outside Munich, near Rosenheim, I met Robert and Michael for their photo shoot. We drank coffee and shared some stories and laughs at the cafe up there before starting their UNREAL session.

Wildflowers were blooming everywhere and the snow was melting down the mountain into a lush green forest. We were surrounded by untrimmed grass and cows that kept stalking us. I couldn’t help but yell in excitement at the sound of cow bells interrupting us! It was pure magic up there! Of course, Michael and Robert’s love was soooo real and they were so comfortable with each other. Their romantic and calming love was a spectacle to watch.

After climbing for what felt like forever down the steep, but outrageously beautiful mountain, we went to a traditional Bavarian restaurant and gorged ourselves (we were dying of starvation at that point). The only two Germans I know that don’t like beer ordered some wine (also my personal favorite), and we filled our bellies for a job well-done!