Glamis Sand Dunes Couples Shoot

Aaron + Tessera


After leaving San Diego at 7am, Aaron, Tessera, and I spent the next two hours fangirling about the Marvel universe and talking about how you really can’t compare Christmas to the 4th of July (apparently we have a lot of opinions on those topics).

On our mini road trip, we went to the Glamis sand dunes in Imperial County for a wind-swept and perfect weather photo shoot. As soon as we got there, we were in shock by how beautiful the rolling dunes were! Tessera was right when she said it seriously looked like a scene out of Aladdin. We couldn’t help but roll all the way down the entire face of the dune and climb back up to the top.

Aaron and Tessera are the sweetest couple. We’ve known each other for almost four years now, but it was super awesome getting to know them and their relationship dynamic on a deeper level. Their love is so tangible. It’s such an easy kind of love that makes you feel so warm and comforted inside.

As soon as we kicked off our shoes to stamp around in the warm sand, their nerves melted away. It was awesome how comfortable they looked on camera (they told me they were super nervous about taking photos, but they’re little liars because they looked AMAZING). Every time I guided a pose for them, they just fell in each other’s arms in a way that happens once in a lifetime. It was so cool being a witness to that.

Although we got a lot of sand everywhere and almost lost my shoes, it was an incredible adventure we will remember for a long time.

We finished the adventure off right by stopping for In-N-Out milkshakes and listening to country music. For it only being 1pm, I’d say we had a pretty dang productive day ;).