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When I was a kid, every once in a while, I would ask my mom to show me her wedding album. We’ve always had everything memorable printed: family vacation books, my grandpa’s Army portrait, my great-grandparent’s wedding photos, etc.

Printed photos have always meant a lot to us, and even though we’re in a world no one prints anymore (besides the occassional polaroid), I still believe in the family memories and heirloom albums ought to be physical.

There’s a reason why the first thing we grab in a fire are photo albums. They’re priceless.

So I’m glad you see value in this too. :) Let’s make you something your great-grandkids will look back on.


Preview a real album - Bendall

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How it works:

  1. Watch the above video where I show you what a sample album looks like in person. Or we can 100% meet up so you can touch, feel, and see the albums!

  2. Decide how many albums you want (one for you, mini ones for parents).

  3. If you want specific "must-have" photos in your album, send me a list of which ones you want!

  4. Browse below to see how you can customize your album.

  5. I'll do all the dirty design work.

  6. You guys will approve it once it's done (then it'll be sent for shipping).


How you can customize your album:

Click below to see how you can make this album your own


Want the full pricing breakdown for your customized album? Click here

(see tabs at the bottom for sizes)


Now, order your album! Once you’ve taken a look at everything and decided what you like, fill out this form and I’ll get started on your album!!!

Note: if you’re overwhelmed or don’t have answers yet, that’s totally fine! I’ll help you. Give me a call if you wish!

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