What Makes Me So Different?

Well, who else is wearing a 💩 emoji onesie? No one.

When you hire me, you’re getting so much more than a photographer. You’re getting a new bff (seriously, ask my clients). You’re getting the biggest goofball on the planet (so the only way you’ll feel uncomfortable is if you dislike having fun). You’re getting posed naturally in ways that brings out joy, love, and the authenticity of your real relationships. You’re gonna laugh a lot, get tickled, kiss, squeeze, and be genuinely happy being around with the love of your life surrounded by the ones that love you the most (your fam bam). My priority is giving you the best quality of work, while still giving you plenty to choose from.

Me ya.JPG


I’m super passionate and in love with what I do. Why does that matter? Because you’ll be working with someone before, during, and after your shoot, who is genuinely excited to make your photos the best they can be. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun having someone who is smiling and having a good time than someone who is 100% about getting the job done and overly-serious about what they do.

Bottom line: YOUR PHOTOS WILL LOOK BETTER and you’ll enjoy the experience. There’s a reason why people leave other photographers and stick with me!

Turnaround time

My turnaround time is lighting fast. While I personally know people who still haven’t gotten their photos from photographers from months ago (I’m talking like 4-8 months), I will never do that to you guys!!!

You will get your wedding photos in less than 4 weeks, guaranteed. But, I’ve never actually taken more than 2 weeks to get photos delivered, so there’s that.

not awkward

To get the good vibes going, I play music during every session (so send me your fave playlist).

Also, I won’t do anything cheesy, unless we do it simply for a good giggle.


While most photographers upsell printing (meaning you have to go through them to get your photos printed and they charge a HUGE fee for it), I won’t do that to ya. My photos are a low price and it’s never been easier to order right from your gallery.

low travel fees

My travel fees are low and easy to understand.

If we go far, I’m down to stay with you, camp in the back of my car, or share an Airbnb to help save you $$$.

body positivity

I believe in promoting self love and body positivity, so I won’t alter the way you look. Of course, I got you on skin blemishes and anything temporary (you woke up super early and have eye bags). If you’re self conscious about something, please let me know as I’ll be sure to be extra aware of that while I’m posing you.

But if you want to be photoshopped on a piece of bacon flying through space… let’s do it.

not your typical poses

If you want the basic smiling photos for everything, we are probably not the right fit.

I like to pose people in ways that brings out joy, love, and the authenticity of their real relationships.

I’m silly, so I promise I’ll make you laugh and you’ll feel yourself. Unless you’re not down for inappropriate jokes or booty bumps…

Tons of Images

It’s my priority to delivery great quality AND quantity of images to my clients. Everyone deserves beautiful photographs, so I’ll make sure you get a TON of photos to choose from at the highest quality.


Now do you believe me? Send me an email!

Matt + Dayna - BTS-36.jpg

and here’s a photo of me probably telling a dumb joke to make family photos more fun (& who needs shoes anyways?)