TO GIVE you A SECOND CHANCE to LIve THE WEDDING you DREAMED OF, we created “I Do Redo,” where you enjoy a day like a real wedding again, just without the stress and drama.


The Thursday Club (Ocean Beach, San Diego)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

you pick your own time slot (~2-3 hours)


How it’ll go down

Before the Event

  • Grab your old dress/tux, coordinate with us on a borrowed outfit, or pick out something that fits your personalities/whatever makes you feel best on your day

  • Invite up to 15 guests you want to have celebrate with you!

day of the event

  • Show up

  • Get dressed/hair and makeup

  • Grab a bouquet

  • Renew your vows in an intimate and beautiful ceremony

  • Have a private photo session at the venue and on the beautiful sunset cliffs

  • Celebrate at the reception with your guests and other couples! Indulge in delicious desserts & snacks.

after the event

  • Await your beautiful photos and videos

Meet your vendors

see the photos

Testimonials from Past Couples

We hated our wedding photos. Our memory is tainted when we look back on our day. If I could go back, I would’ve invested a lot more money in photography, because the photos would have been priceless.
This event was more meaningful for us then ever anticipated.

On your wedding day, you’re as close to royalty as you can get. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. You deserve the best.
— Julie + Ron

If you are interested in participating for our I Do Redo, please fill out the form below and we will be so happy to connect with you!

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