So you actually want to know more about the lady behind the camera, huh?

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Fun Facts:

- You can count on me wearing flip flops most of the time.

- Houseplants are LYFE.

- I love camping, surfing, riding my skateboard, hiking, yoga, and country line dancing!

- I love a good meal that lasts for hours.

- Jesus is the homie.

- I love helping people grow to reach their potential. I want to see dreams come true!

- I have the best bf in the world (Gavin). We met freshman year of college and we’re loving writing our love story.

- I love talking about all things Earth + ethical/sustainable fashion.

- I’m addicted to nutella.

- I can do a mean Miranda Sings impression.

Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

What does your name mean?

since 2013

Since I first got my hands on a camera, I've absolutely loved creating memories for people and getting out of my comfort zone. There’s a reason why the first thing I grabbed when evacuating from a fire was a photo album. That’s why photography made sense for me.

Capturing beauty made in God’s image is how I contribute to this world. Parallel33 Photography was born in San Diego, where the 33rd parallel crosses. The 33rd parallel also crosses in Israel, the Christian holy land. The number 3 and 33 hold Biblical significance (Jesus dying at age 33, the Trinity, 33 as connected to God's promises, numeric equivalent of "amen," you get the idea).

I aspire to bring honor and glory to God through my art, so “Parallel33” stuck.

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