If you’re a florist, DJ, caterer, venue, etc. and you’d like to participate in this or future I Do Redos, please email info@eventsbyabel.com

If you’re a photographer or videographer, read on…

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This is so much more than a styled shoot.

& It’s so much more than an event.

Married couples are joining us because there’s a need in this industry. Too many couples leave their weddings feeling defeated (by vendors, weather, budget, drama etc.). This is our way of giving them a second chance. 

We put on this incredible event back in June, and it was AMAZING. The response we got from people was so empowering. Couples were so grateful.

You literally just need to show up and get beautiful shots for your portfolio, network, and enjoy life!

The Thursday Club, Sunset Cliffs

Sunday, November 24th

$270 per ticket

stay for a few hours or all day for max portfolio stuff

THIS will be the best portfolio builder ever:

  • Multiple REAL couples (& they’re in love)

  • Elopement/intimate wedding feel

  • Multiple dresses & flowers (aka different looks!!!)

  • REAL venue, so you can say you’ve shot there before!

  • REAL ceremony. So many styled shoots can’t really be used as a full gallery because no ceremony, no getting ready shots, and no reception. But we have all of it!

  • REAL guests (that means full wedding coverage for your portfolio)

  • Intimate - only a few photogs & videographers allowed. You get to network with couples, families, vendors, and the venue

  • It’s a service to our couples. You can brag that you did something so cool out of the goodness of your heart (because it’s true!).

  • Time to practice all kinds of lighting throughout the day with no stress & even assistance from other photogs/ videographers.

  • You won’t be crowded by a ton of other photogs/videographers because there will be enough going on where people will be in different places at once.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner and seasoned photographers & videographers alike are welcome!

  • This is a space for gratitude, friendship-building, and getting, of course, the epic and diverse portfolio stuff all in one day.

  • It’s hard to get full galleries/films to show clients from styled shoots. Here, you get not just one, but many, and it’ll run just like a normal wedding.

  • If you need experience understanding how a wedding runs/how to shoot.

  • If you want to give back to couples unsatisfied with the wedding industry.

  • If you want connections in the industry (hellooooo, leads and referrals amiright?).


  • There will be multiple couples throughout the day getting their hair & makeup done, picking out bouquets, trying on dresses, etc.

  • They will get their vows renewed in a real ceremony (guests, space, dress, rings, all of it)

  • Then we get to take them around the venue and to sunset cliffs for couples photos 4 dayz!

  • & eat dessert after!

meet the vendors

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3 Mood Boards!

We will have 3 “styles,” so you can market to your spring, summer, and summer tropical brides for the rest of 2019 and 2020, since the event will be just in time for those weddings coming up!!!

Click here for the mood boards

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We can’t wait to get in contact with you! Because it is such an intimate and special shootout, we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other! Bree or Andrea will give be in contact with you soon! We can’t wait to have you!!!

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“This is the DREAM shoot!! Since this is my side business (for now at least!), it’s always helpful to have styled shoots in addition to my paid shoots to look like I do photography full time. I have participated in a few styled shoots and the biggest negatives I usually find are that the couples are models who have never met (genuine love and affection makes the posing so natural and effortless!) and that there are too many photographers, making it chaotic at times. The way you’re setting this up is incredible and will help avoid these issues!
The color palettes, venue, and your obvious genuine thoughts about these couples and what we can do for them really resonates with me because the mood boards for these shoots and the way you have real couples modeling while actually renewing their vows is exactly how my styled shoots I plan alone are! This is all totally my style and I really want these couples to have the best day ever with their partners just having fun together!!
Lastly, this timing is amazing! It would allow me to have several couples photographed before thanksgiving break, so I’ll have lots to share during the month of December without worrying about editing while I’m visiting family over the holidays!
Who wouldn’t want to participate in this dream day of photo sessions!!!
— Veronica
“I love the idea of being able to give back to a community/a couple while also getting gorgeous photos. So many brides see a Pinterest perfect wedding and simply don’t have the means to afford all of the glitz and glam, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have just as great an experience or just as beautiful photos! I love that by participating in this event we’re allowing couples who - for one reason or another- didn’t get their perfect day and we can give it to them! I’m excited that this styled shoot is an *actual* couple going through all of the actual steps of a wedding day- it creates authentic moments and photos in a stellar environment and with great vendors- that’s awesome!
— Bethany
I really want to get into weddings and I think this would be a great event to attend to help me practice my skills. I also love the idea of giving couples a chance to redo that special day and hopefully create new happier memories of what is supposed to be a joyous occasion.
— Tchanavia
it’s such a great idea and an amazing opportunity for those couples who didn’t get the chance to be this pampered on their wedding day!
— Emma