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Your unique image.

When launching a brand, keeping current customers coming, or taking it to the next level, photography matters. I have seen soooo many brands with great potential hear nothing but crickets because they don’t have stellar images that represent them for marketing, social media, or even for their online shop.

Don’t let that be you.

Photography is insanely important in creating a brand image, culture, and clientele—whether your branding is launching or in its success stages. Let’s work together to create images that perfectly show off how awesome your brand is and attract the clients you want to have.

You deserve it!

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Pricing and What’s Included

Let’s work together to figure out how much time we should spend taking photos. I’m good at multitasking, so we can definitely feed a ton of birds with one scone so we don’t have to be at a shoot for hours on end.

  • $400 for the first hour

  • $300 for every hour after

  • Extra retouches on edits - $10 per image

  • You will receive EVERY. DANG. IMAGE. from me, edited, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or not getting what you expected. No upselling on extra digitals—just one singular price and you get all the images to choose from.

  • You’ll receive the photos in less than 4 weeks, but I’d be glad to send you specific ones or sneak peeks in advance.

  • Ask about discounts for local brands and fashion designers.


What if I don’t have a vision or know exactly what I want?

Don’t worry. I’ve worked with tons of brands who have thought the same thing. That’s why I’m here! I can help you figure out what you want or create a vision board and “look” for you so you don’t have to do the work if you don’t want to. I guarantee you’ll be stoked with the results.

What if we don’t have a space or models to work with?

I gotchu! I work with San Diego Fashion Week models and have a ton of other talented models who would love to help us for our photo shoot! A lot of them will shoot for free, but I ask that we pay them for their talent and time. It’ll be soooo worth it! As for a space, I know a ton of locations and studios that would be perfect for any vibe we’re going for.

Will you travel outside san diego?

Duh!!! I would love to!

I’m a model needing portfolio shots.

YAS! Check out my portrait page for rates, or we can create a customized package for you.

I’m a blogger, but only need a few good shots.

Cool! I love working with bloggers for content. We can chat discounts if you only need a few edited ones!

What kind of branding shots do you specialize in?

I do anything for small businesses, bloggers, fashion designers, artists, and models.

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