I’m a travel-holic.

I’m blessed to be able to travel to some incredible spots on the globe this year and next. If you’re a travel-holic like me or will already be in the area, let’s do a shoot together! Let’s be real, who doesn’t want sick travel photos?! This will be great because we will get to go on an insane adventure together, and I’ll capture every moment for you on camera! Most of my clients love traveling and want portraits or wedding/elopement photos taken so they can preserve those memories forever. However, most people don’t have the money to pay a photographer’s travel fees or don’t know how to find someone in that area. Well, consider the problem solved!

Let me know if you want to meet me in any of these places or somewhere nearby, and I’ll meet you there! Did I mention there won’t be any travel fees? You heard that right; it’s a win-win!


2018 Travel Dates

Portland day 2 - hikes-59.jpg

Jan - Nashville + Big Bear, CA

Feb - Big Bear, CA

Mar - Vancouver + Portland

Jul - Wisconsin

Aug - Santa Barbara + Mt Laguna, CA

Sept - Mt Laguna, CA

Oct - Big Bear, CA + Washington

Nov - Imperial Sand Dunes, CA

Dec - Horseshoe Bend, AZ + Antelope Canyon, AZ + Los Angeles + Big Bear, CA

2019 Travel Dates (Open for Destination Weddings/Elopements)

Cliffs of Moher-5.jpg

Jan - Palm Springs + Joshua Tree, CA

Mar - NYC + Wash DC

April - Yosemite, CA

May - Iceland + France + Amsterdam + Copenhagen

Jun - Austria + Germany

Jul - Colorado

Didn’t find your dream location on the list? No problem!

If you want to go somewhere amazing, there’s a huge chance I will gladly go free of charge. Some of my bucket list places are:

Banff National Park, Alberta



Yosemite, CA

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah



NZ and Australia