Mount Laguna Sunflower Summer Camping Wedding

Rachel + Kevin


Lemme set the scene: the weather was 80 degrees and in the sun, 70 in the shade, with a slight breeze. It smells like campfire and pine trees. 45 minutes from civilization. You close your eyes and open them. Squirrels and otherwise stillness surround you. Love is in the air. August: summer.

Rachel and Kevin got married at a private campground on Mount Laguna on a perfect summer day. The whole wedding was decked out in sunflowers and the purest of joy. I could feel the energy and love from every single one of the guests and family members. I don't think I've ever felt more loved at a wedding. The people there really made me feel a sense of belonging, and it all made sense because that is something the bride and groom emulate so much. These two are the sweetest, most compassionate people that exist. It's no wonder they're a perfect match.

This bride right here changed my life. She was the first person that was nice to me in high school (besides my friends that I took with me from middle school). When I was a shy freshman, she brought me out of my shell and helped me become who I am. She pointed me to the best band ever (Marianas Trench) and gave me courage in my faith.

Through her, I became her yearbook editor in chief “prodigy” and led me on the path to becoming a professional photographer. Our yearbook teacher handed me my first DSLR (I had 0 idea what the heck I was doing) and told me that I needed to pursue photography. Without Rachel’s influence on my life, I wouldn’t have become a photographer, had a photo mentor, and I wouldn’t have met my BFF.

The other thing is Rachel is one of those people who is unapologetically herself. The fact that she found a man who brings even more of that out of her is incredible!!! So happy for Rachel and Kevin’s new marriage. Thanks for blessing me by having me be your photographer, and for letting me dance for like, 3 hours during your reception (...ahem, rager). I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!

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