Kaiya Miller Portfolio Shots for Shamon Freitas Agency

GUYS I can't get over how much I loved this shoot with the amazing Kaiya Miller (@kaiyamiller)!!! If I'm being honest, this is definitely on my list of top three favorite shoots. She totally blew my mind! She only started modeling 6 months ago, but she's got mad skillz. She's even going to be working San Diego Fashion Week this year! I'm amazed with her patience through five makeup changes, four outfit changes, and HUGE 6 inch heels (as tall as an iPhone)! She really worked the camera. Two and a half hours of shooting really wiped us all out by the end, so Pizza Nova afterwards to celebrate was definitely warranted. This shoot had it all: laying on the gum-covered sidewalks of downtown, seeing a homeless guy's butt, and almost losing a cell phone. Needless to say, it sure was an adventure!

Strutting around downtown with Kaiya, our two makeup artists (@bea_with_a_z + @just_klarissa_16), and stylist (@klaisonsmom) really made us feel like a dream team! We shared tons of laughs as we set up makeup counters on park tables and bathroom floors. Check out a few of my faves below ⬇️