I Do Redo Vow Renewal Event

Weddings are supposed to be the one of the most exciting, magical, and happiest days of our lives. However, for many couples, this isn’t the case. I’ve heard dozens of stories of weather-cancelations, ugly photos, vendor mess-ups, low budgets, or general disasters that make their wedding day not turn out as planned.

But, finally, there’s a second chance. We know that weddings really are all about the marriage itself, but having a chance to celebrate your love again is never a bad thing!

To give couples a second chance on living the wedding they dreamed of, we created an event where couples can:

- Renew their vows in their own real ceremony 

- Have a chance to wear their wedding attire again (or borrow ours!)

- Get pampered with professional hair and makeup

- Rewrite their wedding day story & relive the excitement with no stress

- Take a bouquet of choice

- Connect with other couples

- Invite up to 15 guests (family, friends, children) to your vow renewal ceremony to celebrate

- Indulge in delicious appetizers and snacks!

- Take beautiful, professional photos

Couple #1: Kim & Nick

Kim & Nick are from Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA. They wed in 2016 after being engaged for 5 years. She picked out an emerald green wedding dress to match her engagement ring, and it still fit when she wore it 5 years later! Nick’s suit had emerald on the inside & her original bouquet was made of kale.

Although they loved their wedding, they wanted a chance to have their vows renewed in a completely different way. So, she put on (and still fit into) her original dress, and took their 2 year old son, Dominick, to our event. Kim remarked after their emotional ceremony, “our wedding was very non-traditional. It was nice having something so ceremonious and different.”

They were so fun to take photos of. Kim wanted to wear one of our vintage wedding dresses for photos since she hasn’t worn a “real” wedding dress before. Their relaxed, carefree, and fun vibes were awesome to photograph, and we even reenacted some of the glam and dramatic photos they loved from their original wedding.

Couple #2: Julie + Ron

Julie and Ron knew each other in high school, but didn’t start dating until after. They both grew up in Palm Springs and have stayed desert people since. They just bought a house in Yucca Valley, and this year marks 10 years of dating for them!

“On your wedding day, you’re as close to royalty as you can get. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. You deserve the best.” - Julie

Venue: Tumbleweed Sanctuary, Garden & Labyrinth in Yucca Valley, southern California

Planning: Events By Abel

Photography: Parallel33 Photography

Hair & Makeup Artist: Cristina Glams

Desserts: Twin Treats and Azucar