Emotional Marina Village Wedding

Scott + Veronica

Marina Village, Mission Bay - San Diego, CA

When Veronica slipped on her dress, her daughter places her shoes on her feet. They share a beautiful moment together before walking down the aisle. Scott’s face holds back tears when he sees his bride for the first time that day.

After emotional and celebratory speeches next to a golden sunset over the bay, Veronica dances with each of her daughters. One was full of energy and laughter; the other filled with beautiful, sweet tears and silence. It was incredible to watch as the girls took turns sitting in her chair at the sweetheart table next to Scott. The love between Veronica and her daughters was a marvel to watch, but it was equally special to witness Scott’s love for all three of his girls.

Once the emotions were lived, the most epic dance party broke out on the floor and everyone was having a blast. Flower girls spun and giggled, mama and daughters sang along, beer was drunk, and lights painted the walls.