Colorado Castle Wedding after a Summer Storm

The day before the wedding was Fourth of July, and the weather was looking perfect for an outdoor BBQ and fireworks… until it started hailing marbles and damaged cars. Looking out the window of the bride’s house looked like it snowed on the golf course. Luckily, the summer storm left as fast as it came, and we still got to celebrate independence day!

but still… we were all a little worried about the weather for the wedding the next day.

The Colorado storm like clockwork started 10 minutes before the ceremony, and ended right in time to wipe down the chairs and still start the ceremony on time. The rain left beautiful, dramatic clouds and a few rainbows. The rain was quite a blessing. It left the air nice and cool and made taking photos ridiculously beautiful.

So much preparation went into this wedding. Grandma and cousins helped create all the florals for the day. People flew out or even took 30 hour trains to be there. When it was finally time to see it come to fruition, party music blasted through the house while the girls got ready in her parent’s bathroom/bedroom. Jess’ brother, Joel, freaked out when he saw his gorgeous sister in her BHLDN gown.

When David arrived at Jess’ house, they did a first look in her front yard. It was sweet and exciting to see! They shared a moment to themselves (although the entire wedding party was spying on them from the window.

On the way to the ceremony, David and Jessica held hands on the party bus while passing gorgeous hills, mountains, and fields. You’re gonna wanna scroll alllllllllll the way to see those formals under a golden sun but still underneath the dramatic and epic lightning-filled sky.

And can we please talk about this VENUE for a sec??? This is a legit princess castle built as a hunting lodge in the early 1900s. They modeled it after castles in England and mainland Europe. It had millions of dollars of vintage furnishings and old af artwork hanging from the walls. It seriously looked like we were in Tuscany on the back arch area, and in an Game of Thrones-styled interior. It was insane. …maybe I should get married here too…

First thing at the tented reception, the father of the bride made the best/funniest speech during the toasts. His found his “inspiration” while sitting on the toilet. Good thing he had a pen and… toilet paper. He wrote on and read his speech from a roll of toilet paper. It was filled with embarrassing stories and anecdotes that had some guest crying from laughter.

The rest of the night was filled with some of the most fun dancing ever. I couldn’t help but get a lil turnt on the dance floor myself (while actually getting some pretty awesome shots). This wedding was fun for everyone there, and for me too!