Adventurous Antelope Valley Engagement

After a 10 hour car ride for us and a plane ride from Maine for them, Antelope Valley made the trip worth it.

We were all in awe by the beauty of this red sandstone, and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be the only ones in this deep and long canyon. While we were exploring the canyon, every turn we took got even more stunning. Literally, we were like “UMMM WHAT?!” “You guys, look at this!!!” and “This is so cool!!!”


Alexis + Ted’s love is so tangible. It was hilarious watching him pick up her tiny body and fling her around and around!!! He’s some kind of body builder, so there’s that.

Although Alexis + Ted don’t live here, Arizona has a huge place in their heart. They’re obsessed with the desert and visit this area often. It’s like a home away from home for them! They’re also getting married here soon, and may even grow their roots in AZ!

Second shooting for the incredibly talented Beba Vowels, with other friends tagging along Lzgphotography and Cori Taylor Photo.